Introducing the Box Python SDK

Easy to use. Extensible. Bringing you the power of Box.

Get Started


It's easy to get started. First you can get the SDK by simply typing:

pip install boxsdk

There's so much you can do with just several lines of code. Create your Box Developer Account, paste the client id, client secret, and your developer token into the example below. Give it a try!

oauth = OAuth2(
client = Client(oauth)
root_folder = client.folder(folder_id='0')
shared_folder = root_folder.create_subfolder('shared_folder')
uploaded_file = shared_folder.upload('/path/to/file')
shared_link = shared_folder.get_shared_link()

Learn More

Box Python SDK is available on GitHub. Let us know what you think! Want more features? Open an issue on GitHub or send us a Pull Request!

We also have a small set of tutorials available to help you get started!