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At Box, we rely on open source software every day. That's why we give back to the open source community whenever possible, by contributing code to outside projects and sharing projects that we've developed internally.


About Our Projects

Our open source projects represent the best of Box. They are all hosted on GitHub. We hope you'll find them helpful and we invite you to contribute.

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We welcome outside contributions to all of our projects. All contributors are required to read and agree to our Contributor License Agreement before we can merge any of their pull requests.

TODO Group

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RotUnicode is a Python codec that can convert a string of ASCII characters to a Unicode string with non-ASCII characters maintaining readability.

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Genty, pronounced "gen-tee", stands for "generate tests". It promotes generative testing, where a single test can execute over a variety of input. Genty makes this a breeze.

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Flaky is a plugin for nose that automatically reruns flaky tests. Instead of skipping flaky unit tests for components that aren't 100% reliable, use flaky to automatically retry them.

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The Bart PHP project is a collection of many of the critical pieces of our PHP framework.

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Shmock is a smooth alternative for creating mocks with PHPUnit that uses the mock/replay concept from EasyMock but uses closures to define the scope for mocking.

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Fast Assert

Fast assert is a php extension that provides a nice way of making Assertions in php. It provides facilities for making various assertions using clean function-chaining syntax without having to pay any performance costs.

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Augmented Types

Augmented Types is a PHP extension that enforces PHPDoc-style type annotations at runtime. It is compatible with opcode cachers and allows for selective enforcement of function type annotations.

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A faster, safer templating library for PHP

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Spout is a PHP library to read and write CSV and XLSX files, in a fast and scalable way. Contrary to other file readers or writers, it is capable of processing very large files while keeping the memory usage really low (less than 10MB).

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A JavaScript testing utility for use with Mocha and Sinon.

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A viewer for documents converted with the Box View API.

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A friendly tool for CSS spriting. Shalam allows you to add Retina-friendly, high-quality image sprites to your website without modifying any markup.

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A jQuery plugin allowing elements to follow the user as they scroll a page.

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T3 is a client-side JavaScript framework for building large-scale web applications. Its design is based on the principles of Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture

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Box Elements

Box Elements are pre-built UI components that allow developers to add features of the main Box web application into their own applications. Use Box UI Elements to navigate through, upload, preview, and select content stored on Box. Box UI Elements are available as React components and framework-agnostic JavaScript libraries.

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This is the Box Anemometer, the MySQL Slow Query Monitor. This tool is used to analyze slow query logs collected from MySQL instances to identify problematic queries.

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Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge is a tool to simplify the process of collecting detailed information from mysql database servers when specific conditions are triggered.

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MySQL Utilities

This is a collection for various helpful scripts we've developed at Box to improve MySQL

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Productivity Engineering


ClusterRunner makes it easy to execute test-suites across your infrastructure in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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Status Wolf

Configurable operations dashboard designed to bring together the disparate datasources that operations teams need to manage and present them flexibly and beautifully.

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Box Content SDKs

Windows SDK

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Java SDK

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Python SDK

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Android SDK

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Chrome SDK

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Box Metadata SDKs

Windows Metadata SDK

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